Understanding the Importance of Middle C

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  • We will explore how Middle C is represented on the music staff, how it is played on various instruments, and how it is used in compostion and improvisation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Define middle C and explain its significance in music notation.
  • Discuss the location of middle C on the piano and other instrument.
  • Introduce the concept of pitch and how it relates to middle C.
  • Review the basic elements of music notation, including staff, clefs, and note values.
  • Demonstrate how to read and play music in the treble and bass clefs, with a focus on the placement of middle C.

Course Curriculum


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Carlos Diaz26/02/23, 19:045
So far so good. The course seems to be well thougt out. The first lecture was really good. I liked that I can interact directly with the instructor and other students if I want to.

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